17th Annual School Performance

June 7, 1997   2:00pm & 7:30pm

Lakewood High School Auditorium

A Word from the Artistic Director:

Dear Long Beach Ballet Arts Center Parents and Friends,

I've known for many years that ballet is a wonderful, universal art form that crosses all cultural barriers and can be appreciated and understood by anyone anywhere. As I traveled through the beautiful country of Taiwan with the Los Angeles Classical Ballet, presenting the wonderful tale of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in ballet form, this fact has been made clearer than ever. The dancers are looked upon as almost supernatural.

Because of your care and love, your children are growing up to understand the beauty of classical ballet. They will carry it with them for the rest of their lives. They will perhaps even one day present it to the rest of the world as we are now. Thank you for your support of our endeavors and thank you for caring enough about your sons and daughters to give them the opportunity to learn classical ballet.

David Wilcox
Director, Long Beach Ballet Arts Center
Artistic Director, Los Angeles Classical Ballet

Complete performance Program:

Repertoire, Featuring the Long Beach Ballet Arts Ensemble:

Variation from "La Fille Mal Gardee"
Original choreography - A Labuschagne 
Music - Herold
Amanda Ray, Soloist

Variation from "Le Corsaire" 
Original choreography - A Labuschagne 
Music - Adam
Kari Regan, Soloist

Variations from "Faust"
Original choreography - D. Wilcox Music - Gounod
Staging and Additional Coaching - S. Englert, L. Goodwin
Lela Anderson, Josie Bartoletti, Esther Choi, Jessica Freitas, Brianna Gonzales, Jackie Gordon, Isidora Goreshter, 'Irene Hsiao, Kate Landon, Annie Lee, Amanda Ray, Lisa Ziller, Daphne Zneimer

Variation from "Paquita" 
Original choreography - A Labuschagne 
Music - Minkus
Holly Zimmerman, Soloist

Variation from "Ballet Suite No.1"
Original choreography - A Labuschagne 
Music - Shostakovich
Lisa Ziller, Soloist

Les Grand Ballet Del Monte Tomatoes
Choreography - Botham I. Fiederflat (David Wilcox) 
Music - Drigo 
Musical Director - Igor Touplise (Terry Baker) 
Staging and Coaching by Shani Englert
Tamara Boumdiyeva (Kari Regan), Felina Goudolova (Kristin Otfestad), Nadova Tilisova (Holly Zimmerman), Tatiana Youbetyaboutskaya (Amanda Ray), Vladimir Legupski (Gary Goble)

Wizard of OZ

Music - Herold / Lanchberry 
Conception and Choreography by David Wilcox
Costume Design Ann de Farra
Lighting Design - Curtis Gathe
Technical Director Malcolm Clark

Some time ago in a little house on the great Kansas prairie, a young orphan girl named Dorothy lived with her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. They worked endlessly but had little to show for it and life on their small farm was hard. Dorothy would have been very lonely but for her little dog Toto, whom she loved very much.

Kate Landon

Trixie (Thanks to the Delgado Family)

Chickens (Primary)
Fiona Austin, Aileen Babaran, Madeline Barger, Jessica Benitez, Alliese Bennett, Dureti Bishop, Julie Blanc, Sydney Bolger, Carli Bonillo, Ahnika Boone, Kendall Broda, Michelle Celis Matthew Clark, Helia Daigeau, Jennifer Dela Rosa, Serena Encinas Ellie Enrique, Anastasia Florin, Mary Ford, Natalie Foster Rachele Friedland, Almalita Gomez, Mijean Good-Perry, Jasmine Marie Gutierrez, Jacqueline Herrera, Dunya Karam Melody Kleiman, Grace Lalangan, Julie Lam, Cai LeVeaux Stephanie Lofton, Stephanie Madera, Sara McKinney, Bethany O'Hoyt, Jade Parker, Elizabeth Perez, Monique Louise Pipion, Jocelyn Reist, Megan Rexroad, Alma Rojas, Andrea Seffens, Taylor Snell, Brittany Whetsell

Auntie Em
Margarita Galindo-Lozon

Uncle Henry
Stuart Spates

One day after tending to the chickens,. Dorothy goes past the fields to gather berries for the little family; suddenly dark clouds and a howling wind warn her that a tornado could be imminent. She rushes home and is unable to find her Auntie and Uncle who have already taken shelter in the cellar of the barn, because the stOrm is already in progress. A very frightened Dorothy eventually makes it back into her little house only to have it plucked up by the tornado. When Dorothy comes to, she finds herself in a very different place indeed. She is greeted by many lovely little people, known as Munchkins, who are elated that Dorothy's house has killed the Wicked Witch of the East. Although Dorothy thinks that Munchkinland is beautiful, she really wants to go home to Kansas. The Munchkins introduce her to Glenda, the Good Witch, and her entourage. Glenda suggests that she should visit the Great Wizard of Oz for help in getting home. Glenda gives her the magical ruby slippers from the dead witch, and tells her to follow the Yellow Brick Road to The Emerald City where Oz resides.

Munchkins (Level 2)
Candace Arce, Roseann Baker, Julie Bunting, Darlene Cancino, Rebecca Chenoweth, Katherine Clark, Lauren Dameron, Jasmine Dimarucot, Sarah Dooley, Monikka Ebiya, Genie Francisco Olivia Gallion, Jennifer Gozum, Sydney Jaimes, Christina Jones Monica Klimczak, Torri Kreinheder, Mele LeVeaux, Julia Morlock Nicholas Pappone,Julia Phillips, Elena Schleich, Samantha Schoustra

Glenda, the Good Witch
Jessica Freitas (2pm), Josie Bartoletti (7pm)

Glenda's Entourage (Level 4)
Mary Catherine Burdine, Amber Byrne, Chantel Byrne, Lauren Caley, Claire Carlstroem, Anastasia Cook, Bryan Curry, Mithi Del Rosario Sarah Fiske, Faye Litzinger, Jessica McKnight, Natascha Olson Ferrin Ruiz, Leila Saffar, Natalia Sandoval, Alexandra Tarantino

Dorothy sets off on her journey and meets up with a scarecrow who is vainly trying to scare away a group of mischievous crows. He tells Dorothy that what he really needs is a brain. She invites him to join her quest to see Oz, because he surely would help the scarecrow find a brain.

Irene Hsiao

Crows (Level 1)
Megan Ancil, Ashley Bauer, Tiffany Chow, Audery Dean, Alyssa Delgadillo, Christina Dickins, Ellen Dickinson, Shari Einstein Gabrielle Esser, Rachel Fiske, Zoe Fujii, Emily Guthorn, Brittany Hutton, Jamal Lamar Jones, Jennifer Lee, Christina Long Heather McCort, Hannah Nelson, Courrney Parkin, Mille Seibold Jennifer Soeung, Mallory Somerset, Callie Rose Stanley, Rachel Ure

Further along the road, the two meet a tin woodsman who appears to be rusted up. They give him a touch of oil and he springs into action. The Tinman tells Dorothy and the Scarecrow that he would really like to have a heart. They suggest that he too, join them on their journey.

Tin Woodsman
Jacqueline Tarantino

Surprised and frightened by a fierce looking Lion in the forest, the three find out that the Lion is actually more scared of them, than they are of him. A group of cute field-mice proceed to frighten the Lion even more. The Lion admits that what he really needs is courage, and the friends talk him into joining them as well.

Mice (Pre Ballet)
Vanessa Aki, Kloe Chanel BaUtista, Veronica Browder, Sierra Caley, Carolyn Collins, Jillian Cordova, Beverly Dela Rosa Elizabeth DeLong, Dawnyale Dixon, Michelle Gail Einstein Emily Alice Gerhart, Harison Hurst, Beth Kreinheder Kathryn Lung, Elizabeth Morlock, Amy Ramirez, Lauren Sabree, Chloe Sohl, Matthew Stein, Joseph Szekula Frances Villanueva, Allison Whalen

Cowardly Lion
Terry Ancil

The Wicked Witch of the West appears with her apprentices and tries to scare the group of friends. They manage to escape and very soon arrive at the Gates of The Emerald City. At first a strange person, later revealed to be Oz, tries to send them away, but with persistence they eventually gain entrance.

Wicked Witch of the West
Rachel Nossaman (2pm), Jackie Gordon (7pm)

Witch's Helpers (Level 3)
Lia Ballard, Nichole Beeks, Emily Bozemka, La Nita Campbell, Abigail Coloma, Christina Dameron, Lexy Gliddon, Kate Levinstein Marina Shiferman, Christina Tolentino

The Wizard
Ray Camacho

They are welcomed by the Dancers of The Emerald City, and are soon preparing to meet with the Great Oz. Oz says that he will help Dorothy and her three friends, bUt first they must deal with the Wicked Witch. He asks that they dispose of her and return to The Emerald City with her broom.

Emerald City Dancers (Levels 5,7)
Victoria Baker, Margaret Bell, Brandy Browder, Breanna Browder Sara Colon, Esther Choi, Allison Dillon" April Joy Dornidon Cecilia Lacerda, Ann Lee, Kristin Ottestad, Heather Price Heather Robertson, Catherine Soeung, Elizabeth Spates, Krista Swanson Isackson, Anne Thatcher-Stephens, Cassie Van Bunnen, Lisa Ziller, Daphne Zneimer

Back in the forest, the friends once again meet up with the witch and her apprentices. Dorothy is captUted and taken into the witch's castle. The Witch wants revenge for the death of her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East. The Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion arrive just in the nick of time. They throw water on the Wicked Witch, bringing aboUt her demise. The four friends triumphantly return to Oz with the witch's broom. Everyone celebrates the end of the Wicked Witch and The Wizard grants the wishes of Dorothy's friends. Glenda the Good Witch, explains to Dorothy how she, herself, has the power to return home by clicking the magic tuby slippers three times. Dorothy is thus transported back home to. Kansas, where Auntie Em joyfully greets her.

The End

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