SATURDAY. JUNE 1, 1996 & SUNDAY. JUNE 2.1996

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Shani Englert and Anton Labuschagne
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Nicole Wilcox as the Witch

Complete Performance Program:

Music - Drigo Choreography - Gorsky
Melissa Watson, Sergei Domrachev

Music Delibes Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin
Hol1y Zimmerman

Music - Tchaikovsky Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin 
Julie Swanson

Music - Tchaikovsky Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin
Marisa Hamamoto

Music - Tchaikovsky Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin
Rachel Nossaman, Nicole Wilcox

Music - Tchaikovsky Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin 
Josie Bartoletti

Music - Minkus Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin
Kari Regan

Music - Assafjew Coaching - Tatiana Kasatsky
Marisa Hamamoto

Music - Tchaikovsky Coaching - Lisa Marie Goodwin 
Amanda Ray

Choreography - Selina Soo-Hoo Chi
Daphne Zneimer

Choreography - Lisa Marie Goodwin 
Lela Anderson

Choreography - Lisa Marie Goodwin 
LBBAC'S PERFORMING COMPANY: Nicole Abrahams, Lela Anderson, Josie Bartoletti, Esther Choi, Nina Diaz, Jessica Freitas, Jackie Gordon, Ashley Graham, Marisa Hamamoto, Kate Landon, Rachel Nossaman, Kristin Ottestad, Katherine Preiser, Amanda Ray, Kari Regan, Lindsay Slay, Julie Swanson, Melissa Watson, Lisa Ziller, Hol1y Zimmerman, Daphne Zneimer

Music -Adam Choreography - Anton Labuschagne
Jessica Freitas, Ashley Graham, Kristin Ottestad, Amanda Ray, Daphne Zneimer, Lisa Ziller, Holly Zimmerman



Conceived and Directed by David Wilcox 
Rehearsal Assistants -- Lisa Marie Goodwin, Hilda Byrne 
Technical Director and Stage Manager -- Malcolm Clark 
Costume Design and Coordination -- Ann de Farra 
Scenery & Props Coordinator -- Malcolm Clark 
Lighting Design -- Curtis Gathe 
Prologue Narration -- Denny Brooks 
All choreography by David Wilcox unless otherwise noted.

Once upon a time there lived a little boy and little girl named Hansel and Gretel. They lived in a hut in the woods with their mother and father who loved them very much. Hansel and Gretel's mother saw to her children's every need and struggled to make their poor home as comfortable as she could. Meanwhile, in the woods, their father labored tirelessly as a woodcutter. There was a time when the family had worked together, and life was better then -- there was food on the table and new clothes to wear. But now the children could not go with their father into the wood, because there was a nasty witch, a witch who stole little children. So now Hansel and Gretel's family was poor, food was scarce and their clothes were ragged. Their mother and father did not know what to do. Unless a miracle occurred, they would surely starve.
One day their father had an idea: On the far side of the woods was a village. Perhaps someone with a kind heart could care for Hansel and Gretel until the witch went away. Then the family could be reunited. He secretly visited the village and found a couple with no children of their own -- a kind man and woman who agreed to meet Hansel and Gretel at the town festival the very next day. But Hansel and Gretel must not find out why they were meeting this kind couple, for they loved their parents dearly and would rather die than leave them. So their father devised a plan to deliver them to the couple while they were asleep, so they couldn't find their way home again.
It seemed now that all would be well, but Hansel and Gretel's father had still to do the most difficult task of all: telling his wife what he had done.

Scene I - The Village
Excited about attending the village festival and hungry as usual, Hansel and Gretel arrive early to lookfor
scraps of food to eat. They are surprised by other village children who invite them to dance with them.

Bryan Curry

Victoria Baker

Village Dancers 
Margaret Bell, Amber Byrne, Chantel Byrne, Lauren Caley, Claire Carlstroem, Shya Castillo, Ashley Cook, Sheri Delmage, Sarah Fiske, Denise Garcia, Jessica McKnight, Ana Lucia Montoya, Heather Price, Chloe Regala, Natilia Sandoval, Elizabeth Spates, Alexandra Tarantino, Cassie Van Bunnen

Before long the village square is filled with people and the festival gets underway with dancing and eating. Hansel and Gretel meet the nice couple but also get into some mischief
Garland Dancers
Nicole Abrahams, Lela Anderson, Breanna Browder, Esther Choi, Katie Davis, Nina Diaz, Jessica Freitas, Ashley Graham, Kate Landon, Kristin Ottestad, Lindsay Slay, Catherine Soeung, Lisa Ziller

Christina Watson, Lisa Swanson, Jerry Swanson.

Childless Couple
Pam Baker, Terry Baker

A Competition
Amanda Ray, Melissa Watson (Saturday)
Kari Regan, Julie Swanson (Sunday)

Maypole Dancers
Mary Ann Bailey, Brandy Browder, Cecilia Lacerda, Kelly Stacey, Krista Swanson Isackson, Anne Thatcher-Stephens
Sara Colon, Leslie Ann Corpuz, Allison Dillon, April Joy Domidon, Ashley Fleury, Susan Ng,

The mayor arrives and he is greeted warmly. Suddenly the wicked witch appears and threatens all of the children in the village before flying away on her broomstick.

Richard Brown

Nicole Wilcox

Scene 2 -- Hansel and Gretel's Hut
Hansel and Gretel's mother is busy cooking, sewing and cleaning. She daydreams of her children and longs
for better days. The children arrive home to do chores but would rather play and read stories with their mother. Outside the hut, their father makes arrangements with two men who are to carry Hansel and Gretel away that night. When he enters the huthe is greeted with elated affection by his children. This makes his task harder -- the task of telling his wife that she must say goodbye to her children.

Shani Englert

Anton Labuschagne

Malcolm Clark, Stuart Spates

Scene 3 -- The_Dark Wood

As the two men carry Hansel and Gretel through the wood, they decide to rest for a while. Frightening shapes and movements scare them away and Hansel and Gretel are left alone in the dark. Finally they fall asleep, dreaming of beautiful butterflies and cute bunnies.
Creatures of the Dark (Chor. -- Lisa Marie Goodwin)
Josie Bartoletti, Jackie Gordon, Marisa Hamamoto, Rachel Nossaman, Katherine Preiser, Amanda Ray, Kari Regan, Julie Swanson, Melissa Watson, Holly Zimmerman

Butterflies (Chor. -- Hilda Byrne) 
Megan Anctil, Amanda Bartlett, Jessica Benitez, Alliese Bennett, Carli Bonillo, Amanda Diane Brear, Talissa Carrasco, Melissa Chhu, Matthew Clark, Jenna Collins, April Cook, Helia Daigeau, Audrey Dean, Shari Einstein, Ellie Enrique, Gabrielle Esser, Rachel Fiske, Mary Ford, Zoe Fujii, Lexy Gliddon, Almalita Gomez, Mijean Good Perry, Heather Graul, Claudia Hesky, Amanda Hurley, Brittany Hutton, Jaemin Hwang, Alyse Mongalo Johnson, Christina Long, Jessica Luarca, Alyssa Jane Luna, Stephanie Madera, Mirissa Martinez, Heather McCort, Asia Morris, Emily C. Mournian, Cindy Palma, Jade Parker, Glenna Peterson, Jovanna Sangria, Audrey Sulit, Ashley Vargas

Bunnies (Chor. Hilda Byrne) 
Callie Arnold, Fiona Austin, Aileen Babaran, Terra Margaret Baykal, Veronica Browder, Sierra Caley, Sophia Codispoti, Carolyn Collins, Robin Davis, Jennifer Dela Rosa, Arielle Dorsey, Gabriella Franco, Stephanie Gonzalez, Sarah Goodman, Jessica Gregory, Jasmine Marie Gutierrez, Jacqueline Herrera, Dunya Karam, Helen Kim, Julie Lam, Angelia Lee, Cai LeVeaux, Kelsey Linden, Stephanie Lofton, Kathryn M. Lung, Laura Navarro, Briana Taylor Nichols, Alexa Oknayan, Erika Posada, Isabelle Protti, Alma Rojas, Laura Romero, Julia Sandoval, Gracie Sprout, Ginnie Mae Trias, Arianna Vega, Brittany Whetsell

Scene 4 -- The Witch's Cottage
The first rays of morning sun reveal an astonishing sight: a cottage made entirely of candy. But Hansel and
Gretel's delight turns to despair when they are captured by the wicked witch who wishes to eat them. But this story ends happy, because the witch falls into her own trap which frees dozens of children that had been turned into gnomes. Hansel finds the witch's stolen treasure and he and his sister are reunited with their parents. They live happily ever after.

Nicholas Pappone, Lauren Dameron (Saturday), Torri Kreinheder (Sunday)

Gingerbread Children (Chor. -- Lisa Marie Goodwin) 
June Becktell, Nicole Beeks, Emily Bozentka, Kelly M. Brown, Julie Bunting, Latoya Collins, Abigail Coloma, Mithi del Rosario, Jocelyn Fernandez, Alexandria Filer, Melissa Freeny, Marissa Garcia, Jaclyn Holst, Breezie Houston, Anya Johnson, Lindsey Mercado, Jennifer Mitchell, Elsa Morales, Natasha Olson, Joceline Regala, Ferrin Ruiz, Erica Solano, Christina Tolentino, Mechea Ungos-Garcia

Gnome Children (Chor. -- Lisa Marie Goodwin) 
Anitra Babic, Roseann Baker, Lia Ballard, Ashley Bauer, Alyssa Bent, Brittany Jane Brear, Skye Bronfenbrenner, Andrea Carranza, Gilary Carrasco, Miranda Castillo, Elizabeth Chang, Rebecca Chenoweth, Tiffany Chow, Katherine Clark, Jessica Codispoti, Lauren Cook, Lindsey Cranton, Lauren Dameron, Ellen Dickinson, Jasmine Dimarucot, Sarah Dooley, Monikka Ebiya, Georgina Espinoza, Genie Francisco, Minji Hwang, Daraka Inthapanti, Sydney Jaimes, Annika Johnson, Erica Johnson, Christina Jones, Monica Klimczak, Mele LeV eaux, Sofia Luarca, Dianne Mason, Julia Morlock, Katie Reynolds, Marianna Saade, Mysa Sangria, Samantha Schoustra, Marina Shiferman, Jennifer Soeung, Jessica Suyama, Saundra Williams


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