witchgnomes.jpg (13275 bytes)LONG BEACH BALLET ARTS CENTER's 10th Annual School Performance

Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th, 1990 -- 2:30 p.m.

Lakewood High School Auditorium

A Word from the Artistic Director

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this performance possible. It has been a labor of love not only for the students and the staff, but also for the parents who have had to put much of their personal lives on hold in order to give this special opportunity to their children. The experience of learning ballet -the perfect blend of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines -- is a most worthwhile venture and the sacrifices are dwarfed by the ensuing benefits. The remarkable feeling of standing in front of an audience and receiving applause as a reward for their efforts -- the lights, music, costumes and scenery surrounding them, these are moments that will be cherished always, by the audience as wells as the performers. The fleeting moments of beauty that can be appropriately captured only by your imagination. Hold on to them tightly for they are special.

--David Wilcox

The following variations have been prepared for upcoming participation in the IV International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi.

Wedding Pas de Deux from Coppelia 
Leah Watson, Gregory King

Giselle's Variation, Giselle (Act I)
Tzer-Shing Wang

Aurora's Variation from Sleeping Beauty (Act III) 
Lisa Street

Variation from Faust Divertimento
Jennifer Nunes

Grand Pas de Deux from Don Quixote 
Megan Watson, Gregory King

Variation from On Occasion
Leah Watson

Variation from La Bayadere
Jennifer Nunes

Aurora's Variation from Sleeping Beauty (Act II)
Jennifer Martin

Choreography by Robert Sund Special Commission for Leah and Megan Watson
Leah and Megan Watson

Adagio from Faust Divertimento (Saturday only)
Tzer-Shing Wang, Gregory King

Variation from Le Corsaire
Jennifer Nunes

Pas de Deux from On Occasion
Choreography by David Allen special permission for use at the competition.
Megan Watson, Edward Cueto

Pas de Deux from Flower Festival at Genzano (Saturday only)
Tzer-Shing Wang, Gregory King

-- lntermission -

Hansel and Gretel

Villagers in a small German town are practicing dances and setting up decorations for a big festival. Two of the children of the village, a brother and sister named Hansel and Gretel, are very poor and usually hungry. The preparations festivities are interrupted by the appearance of a wicked witch that lives in the nearby forest. The villagers plead with her to leave them in peace.
Meanwhile, Hansel and Gretel's mother is doing her best at home to prepare something for her beloved children to eat. Hansel and Gretel arrive home to help with chores but end up playing instead. Their mother and father love them dearly, but because they are so poor, they decide to give them up for adoption for their own good. Their father pays two men to carry the children while they are asleep to another family in another village.
The men get tired of carrying the children and decide to leave them in the forest where they are attacked by vicious animals. But as dawn breaks, Hansel and Gretel awaken to find a beautiful cottage made of gingerbread and candy. It is the witch's home and when she returns with her two gnome helpers she catches them eating and locks them up. The witch plans to cook Hansel and Gretel in her big oven but they are too clever. Gretel slams the oven door forever on the witch and her evilness.
When the villagers hear what has happened, they celebrate joyously and all of the witch's wealth is bestowed upon the heroic Hansel and Gretel. They are reunited with their mother and father and live happily every after.

Adaptation and Choreography by David Wtlcox
Additional Choreography by Paula Vreulink, Adylia Roman, Julia Ellis
Additional Coaching by Dudley Davies 
Music mostly by Johann Strauss 
Costume design by Ann De Farra and Paula Vreulink 
Lighting Design by Curtis Gathe 
Scenery Design by Tami Wilcox

Solomon Wong

Melissa Watson

Holly Clark

Michael French

Mark Olson

Catherine Carter, Sara Clark, Monika Flores, Nara Hernandez, Danielle Larkin, Hillary Millard, Jennifer Nesteby, Kari Regan, Sarah Secura, Tammy Stephens, Amanda Tapia, Sky Van Atta, Aimee Wilkison, Sarah Wirtz, Carin Wu, Stevie Zimmerman

Garland Dancers
Shelley Benger, Danielle DeFarra, Ina Gonzales, Mira Jamadi, Karla Kelsey, Tina Nunes, Lourdes Romero, Cindy Sheppard, Leah Watson, Megan Watson

Maypole Dancers
Suzy Bums, Carolyn Clark, Jennifer Clark, Laura Crawford, Erica Doi, Kacy Ford, Marie Francisco, Dora Gonzales, Cathy Larsen, Sharlene lim, Courtney Rand, Jamie Smith, Joey Soelter, Danielle Thill, Aimee Tyo, Sarah Watson

May Dance Duet
Shani Cartwright, My-Anh Pham

Village Dancers*
Francesca Catibayan, Kelly Ann Dumlao, Jennifer Infante, Cecille Lou Lejano, Janet lin, Charisse Magsaysay, Frances Samonte, Sarah Secura, Dana Slay, Julie Stephens, lily Wong, Ashley Yano

Bad Men
Charles Haislah, Craig Otis

Scary Animals
Suzy Burns, Carolyn Clark, Jennifer Clark, Laura Crawford, Erica Doi, Kacy Ford, Marie Francisco, Dora Gonzales, Cathy Larsen, Sharlene lim, Courtney Rand, Jamie Smith, Joey Soelter, Danielle Thill, Aimee Tyo, Sarah Watson
Morgan Aaron, Kathryn Bhatia, Claire Carlstroem, Holly Carter, Ciara Cruz, Catherine Douglas, Brittany Erlbaum, Brittany Gadbury, Kathryn Hornung, Megan Hornung, Christine Javier, Chantal Jura, Tanya Krug, Daniella Larsen, Ashlee Marshall, Melissa Martin, Jessica Ponaman, Brett Quirarte, Ana Valdez, Lindsay Vose, Katie Zea, Holly Zimmerman

David Wilcox

Witch's Gnomes
Morgann Rose, Nicole Wilcox

Brandy Browder, Brianna Browder, Jehan Budak, Kelly Busse, Kelsey Casalengo, Siobhan Edelbrock, Alexis Erlbaum, Christina Feo, Jenny Fisher, Michelle Gehrke, Ashley Graham, Kimberly Grant, Maria Javier, Sarah Lombardo King, Suda Kongpradist, Emily Krafft, Natasha Krug, Nastasia Mehranian, Kristen Nakhjiri, Irene Reyes, Makeda Robinson, Kern Ward

April Bowman, lindsey Fleischman, Meagan Hensley, Marianna Jamadi, Genevieve Kent, Dionne Knauls, Allison Kremer, Dorothy Larosa, Lauren Lenhart, Kelly McCoy, Mariel Moreno, Jennifer Roseman, Sheri Stephens, Holly Zimmerman

Happy Dwarfs**
Shea Chodzko, Sarah Curtis, Maria Harrison, Danielle Matson, Sarah Michels, Wendy Taylor, Rose Triesch, Dorothy Villani, Shannon Will, Shawna Wilson

Celebration Dance**-
Level 1
Lauren Michele Adler, Danielle Cabot, Christina Ditchman, Caroline Elrod, Katie Feo, Tamara Fields, Gwendlyn Gibb, Jenny Hedley, Jennifer Hernandez, Gabrielle Lawson, Jessica Layton, Alexia lilis, JoAnna Marty, Misheal McCoy, Jennifer Miranda, Teresa Murtaugh, Melissa Paz, Katie Sanders, Mary Secura, Erin Sheppard, Jill Shirey, Julie Swanson

Level 2
Vanessa Barlow, Kelly Bennett, Summer Bowman, Hayden Daughters, Jessica DeShaw, Jaimie Dinsbach, Arnie Fasnacht, Julienne Gard, Madeleine Gard, Brianna Gonzales, Jackie Gordon, Marisa Hill, Tanya Inthapanti, Tiffany Jpnes, Christina Kohler, Dana Moore, Kathy Nesteby, Karla Ramos, lindsay Sanford, Laura Soltz, Mercedes Tapia, Kunthery Tiep, Leah Triesch, Miriam Vilchez, Tracy Wyant, Kristen Yee, Sarena Zeineddine

*Choreography by Adylia Roman **Choreography by Paula Vreulink

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