2nd Annual School Performance
Friday, June 25, 7:30 p.m. - Saturday, June 26, 3:00 p.m.

Lakewood High School Auditorium

Hansel and Gretel

This completely original production was the creation of David Wilcox, who wanted the students of Ballet Arts Center to have the opportunity to participate in a full length story ballet.
The story has been slightly adapted to accommodate a large cast, but the original Grimms tale still comes through strong and clear.
After developing the story line to the point that all except the very youngest students in the school could be given a part, Mr. Wilcox then set out to find appropriate music for the ballet. This proved to be a difficult endeavor, as only relatively unknown classical music was to be used. A combination of composers was settled upon, and the final result is a beautifully harmonious and fascinating array of music which more than adequately portrays the vivid characters of Hansel, Gretel, the Mother and Father, the villagers and most importantly the witch (even the town mayor has a special theme).
Lively festive dances fill the first colorful tableaux-blending from scene to scene to the mother's anguish at having to part with her children, Hansel and Gretel lost in the forest; the frightening yet comical witch and her two tiny helpers, and culminating in a joyous celebration.
This production of "Hansel and Gretel" is the result of much dedicated work on the part of the students, their parents, and many others associated with the Ballet Arts Center.

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a-hg-82-01.jpg (26428 bytes)
Shani Englert as Gretel.
a-hg-82-02.jpg (19359 bytes)
Shani Englert as Gretel,
Elaine Mulhearn as the Witch
handgpas.jpg (14397 bytes)
Josette Huber as the Mother and
Mills as the Father.



Villagers in a small German town are practicing dances and setting up decorations for a big festival. Two of the children of the village- Hansel and Gretel-are very poor and are always ready to snatch up unattended bits of cake or candy. Suddenly the preparations are interrupted by the appearance of a wicked witch who lives in the nearby forest. The villagers plead to be left in peace.
Meanwhile, Hansel and Gretel's mother is doing her best to prepare something out of nothing for dinner. The children arrive home to help with chores, but end up playing instead, which helps them to forget their constant hunger. Outside the cottage, their father pays two men to take the children to another village. Hansel and Gretel's parents are so poor that there is not enough food for them all, and they must send the children away to another family. However, the men who are to carry Hansel and Gretel through the forest are dishonest, and instead of carrying them the long distance as they had promised, they leave them alone with the animals in the darkest wood.
As dawn breaks, a beautiful cottage made of cake and candy appears in a clearing. It is the witch's home and when she returns with her two gnome helpers she catches them eating and locks them up. The witch plans to cook Hansel and Gretel in her big oven, but they are too clever and Gretel slams the door forever on the witch's evilness.
When the villagers hear what has happened, they celebrate joyously and all of the witch's wealth is bestowed upon the heroic Hansel and Gretel. They are reunited with their mother and father and live happily ever after.


Music Bach
Choreography - Terri Lewis
Mary Archuleta, McKenzie Dimon, Josette Huber, Patricia Morgan, Lisa Moses, Tim Toyama

One of the most popular and famous pas de deux from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty,"
Music Tchaikovsky
Choreography - Marius Petipa
Lisa Moses, Thomas Mills

From the repertoire of the Bolshoi Ballet.
Music Dvorjak
Choreography - Asaf Messerer
Pianist - Germaine Wilcox
Cellist - Lorraine Boubion
Anna Riviere, David Wilcox

Music Minkus
Choreography - David Wilcox
Josette Huber, McKenzie Dimon, Patricia Morgan
Thomas Mills, Robair Mayfield, Tim Toyama



Music - Adam, Gliere, Gounod, Grieg, Rimsky- Korsakoff, . Strauss
Choreography - David Wilcox


Bridgett Bell

Shani Cartwright

Josette Huber

Thomas Mills

Elaine Mulhearn

Laurie Lyn Rea

Couples Polka
Bridgett Bell, Elizabeth Brief, Heidi Brockmeyer, Shani Cartwright, Carla Charpentier, Hang Chiem, Lilly Chow, Lillian Chow, Kendra Cribbs, Shannon Finley, Becky Harlow, Maria Hill, Miasha James, Erika Kinetz, Allison McComb, Maureen Robison, Gera Smith, Sharidan Sotelo, Hanna Thomas, Monique Trombley

Garland Dance
Mary Archuleta, Tammy Asaki, Heather Bandley, McKenzie Dimon, Shannon Lawder, Christina Nunez, Patricia Palomo, Klistinia Rogahn, Lisa Street

Ribbon Dance
Lisa Anderson, Tiffany Burch, Laura Bostrom, Shani Cartwright, Trisha Davis, Leane Eberhart, Heather Gunn, Kara Kruger, Venisa McLean, Jennifer McPhaul, Xanath Owens, Rain Marie Owens

McKenzie Dimon, Tammy Asaki, Shannon Lawder, Klistinia Rogahn

Mayors Dance
Margaret Buchanan, Katie Cassaday, Amie Chick, Vinh Chiem, Kelly DiProfio, April Hawkins, Stacey Gartner, Rachael Gilgoff, Robin Israel, Leslie Jackson, Molly Johnson, Ashley McLean, Tina McNeill, Teresa Naquin, Jennifer Persson, Ninette Rivera, Kathleen Shivers, Amy Stevens, Sherill Stevens, Joy Tompkins

Two Men
Bill Boggs, Diane Gabe

Heidi Brockmeyer, Carla Charpentier, Hang Chiem, Lilly Chow, Lillian Chow, Kendra Cribbs, Shannon Finley, Becky Harlow, Maria Hill, Maisha James, Allison McComb, Maureen Robison, Gera Sith, Sharidan Sotelo, Hanna Thomas

Erika Kinetz, Monique Trombley

Lisa Anderson, Trisha Davis, Jennifer McPhaul, Xanath Owens

Candy March
Tiffany Burch, Laura Bostrom, Leane Eberhart, Heather Funn, Kara Kruger, Venisa McLean, Rain Marie Owens, Lisa Street


Stage Manager - Curtis Gathe
Electrician - David Avery
Lighting design - David Avery
Costumes - Terri Lewis, Wendy Adams, and parents
Photography - Mark Adams
Repititeurs - Terri Lewis, Linda Gonzales
Scenery design - Suzi Tompkins
Video Recording - Jeffrey Wilcox
Scenery execution - Theodore Rogahn, Wanda
Guild Director - Lynn Chenen
Rogahn, Diane Gabe, Cheryl Cartwright, Suzi Tompkins, Linda Gunn, Wayne Traylor
Make-up design - Linda Gonzales
Properties - Mary Kinetz, James Kinetz
Publicity & Ad Coordination - Diana Trombley

Entire production under direction of DAVID WILCOX

Proceeds from this production are to be divided between the Long Beach Ballet and a special fund set up for the students of Ballet Arts Center-Scholarships, Activities, and the purchase of special facilities. 
Special thanks to the parents who brought their children to the many rehearsals.

Program cover and poster design - Linda Gunn 
Poster and program production - Dennis Trombley

The Long Beach Ballet
A new addition to the rapidly growing cultural community in Long Beach is the Long Beach Ballet under the artistic direction of David Wilcox and Terri Lewis. The newly forming company will complete a quartet of artistic performing entities in the area. Along with the Civic Light Opera, the symphony, and the Grand Opera, Long Beach's very own ballet company will contribute professional quality performances to every growing Southland audiences, eventually making the Terrace Theater its permanent home. An already active and dedicated Board of Directors has committed itself to building a strong management foundation beneath the artistic creativity of the directors, and a volunteer guild ("Friends of the Long Beach Ballet") is currently working on community events and activities. It is open to new members. A few of the immediate plans for the company are: Lecture-demonstrations in the schools to enhance the artistic awareness of the area's youth, benefit performances at local theaters and auditoriums to promote dance as part of a cultural heritage, and a performance series in November highlighted by divertissements from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty." Auditions will be held this summer to select only dancers of highest caliber, who will begin rehearsing for the presentation of standard classical and contemporary ballets. The artistic directors will also invite guest choreographers to create new works for the company. Financial support has already started coming in from individuals in the community who wish to see the Long Beach Ballet reach its goal of becoming a major company in the next few years. With the enthusiastic help and support for persons like yourself who are interested in getting in on the ground floor.

Ballet Arts Center
Ballet Arts Center of Southern California came into existence in January, 1981, when Linda Gonzales and David Wilcox, both professional dancers from the Berlin Ballet of West Germany, decided that teaching others their art was what they wanted most. They took over the Audrey Share School of Dance in Long Beach, already a long established and highly regarded school, and set about to continue and build upon the high standard of teaching already laid down by their predecessors.
The new directors have added existing facilities and a series of activities to the center. A video tape library which includes over 140 hours of historical and current ballets from around the world keeps students occupied between classes. Many famous dancers have come to teach master classes at the school including Yoko Ichino, Alexander Minz, Hilda Morales, and others. There are bus trips to see major ballet companies, studio performances which give the students a chance to create and rehearse their own works, a special intensive summer program each year with well-known teachers from across the country, plus opportunities for the students to work with the professional dancers of the Long Beach Ballet, with whom the school shares its facilities.
Future plans include the expansion of Ballet Arts Center with the construction of a new large third studio, new dressing rooms with showers, and a dancewear boutique.

Long Beach Ballet
1122 E. Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 426-4112   fax (562) 426-4821