Ballet Arts Centerís 1st Annual School Performance

Friday, June 26th, 1981 7:30 p.m.

Complete Performance Program:

Music: Minkus
Choreography: David Wilcox

Laura Miyabe Tom Mills
Anna Riviere Frank Haggard
Wendy Gima Tim Toyoma

Music: Mussorgsky
Choreography: David Wilcox

Christina Nunez
Francie Geier, Pamela Kaye, Nancy lopez, Susan Olmos

Music: Traditional
Choreography: Linda Gonzales

Wendi Gima, Elaine Mulhear, Cathy Thille1 July Webb

Music: Drigo
Choreography: Petipa (arr. David Wilcox)

Laura Miyabe Tom Mills

- 5 Minute Break 

Music: Ravel
Choreography: David Wilcox

This ballet takes place in a sacred grove, where young people awaken to pay tribute to the god Pan. Among the worshipers are Daphnis and Chloe, whose affection for each other glows strongly amidst the more playful flirtations of the others. Alone in the grove, they vow eternal love and make plans to secretly steal away. Alas, realizing that their ties to the grove are stronger than their resolution to flee, they join the others for the final rite of the day.

Anna Riviere, Frank Haggard Wendi Gima, Josette Huber, Tom Mills, Patricia Morgan Laura Miyabe, Cathy Thille, Tim Toyama, July Webb

- Intermission 

Music: Grieg, Donizetti, Debussy, Weber, Gottchalk, Tchaikovsky, Delibes 
Choreography and Story: David Wilcox

- Synopsis 

This is the story of a little girl whose wish it is to be a great ballerina. However, her wish is much stronger than her conviction to work hard in ballet class. A vivid dream changes her life.
Scene 1 - The Ballet Class Students at a large ballet school ready themselves for class and are waiting in position upon the arrival of the Balletmaster. One student has not yet arrived. After the preliminary exercises have been completed, in runs a little girl who is always late. After a scolding from the Balletmaster she is ordered to do the barre exercises by herself, but the little girl finds these exercises unnecessary and boring, wishing only to have fun in the class. The Balletmaster's frustration turns to rage and the girl barely escapes his wrath.

Scene 2 - The Little Girl's Bedroom Alone in her room, the little girl gazes dreamily at pictures of beautiful dancers. She longs to be able to dance as they do, and also to wear the toe shoes that she has received as a gift. In her imagination she pleads with the Balletmaster to allow her to put on the shoes, but his reply is a raging no! She falls asleep with images of lovely dances fresh in her mind and dreams that the pictures come to life with her classmates in all the roles. Suddenly her dream becomes a nightmare as the Balletmaster appears. This time she cannot escape and she is punished for being bad. In a mysterious vision the Balletmaster displays his ability to transform a lifeless, shapeless form into a beautiful ballerina and the little girl looks at her future, finally seeing that only with hard work can one become a good dancer. It is a revelation and the girl vows to change her ways.

Scene 3 - The Ballet Class Students ready themselves for class and are waiting in position upon the arrival of the balletmaster. Today everyone is present!

(Characters for "The Dream")

Little Girl- Shannon Lawder 
Balletmaster - Tom Mills 
Ballerina - Anna Riviere
Junior Students - Tammy Asaki, Heather Betar, J_nnifer Brock, Shani Cartwright, Veronica Caudillo, Cherise Dennis, Leanne Eberhart, Jeff Gima, Melinda Harlow, Clarrisa Hayes, Pamela Kay, Mary Kay lee, Venisa Mclean, Christina Nunez, Patricia Palomo, Lisa Street,- Rosalie Troncoso
Senior Students - Wendi Gima, Josette Hubert Allison Longaker, Laura Miyabe, Patricia Morgan, July Webb, Frank Haggard, Tim Toyoma
Invitation to the Dance - Tammy Asaki, Veronica Caudillo, Cherise Dennis,
Melinda Harlow, Clarrisa Hayes, Pamela Kaye, Mary Kay lee, Allison Longaker, Christina Nunez, Patricia Palomo, Lisa Street, Jeff Gima
Tarantella - Heather Bandley, Tiffany Burch, Shani Cartwright, Leanne Eberhart, Sherril Farrar, Venisa Mclean, Rain Marie Owens, Jane Potter, Julie Richter, Klistina Rogahn, Rosalie Troncoso, Amy Wright
Hungarian Czardas - Mary Kay lee, Jeff Gima, - Heather Betar, Jennifer Brock, Dana Bushman, Lillian Chow, Lilly Chow, Shannon Finley, Jennifer McPhaul, Xanath Owens, Mary Beth Sanderson, Hanna Thomas

Tonight's performance notes not only the first performance of the Ballet Arts Center, but also the founding of the Ballet Arts Junior Performing Company and associated Guild. The company will include many of the more advanced members of the school, and will give them the opportunity to enhance their classroom studies with frequent theatrical experience. The Company will rehearse throughout the year, performing original works as well as ballets from the standard repertoire. Company members will be chosen for their technical skill and their artistic qualities, and will stand as representatives of the high standards of the school.

The Ballet Arts Guild is an organization dedicated to upholding the highest possible standards for the audiences of Southern California. The Guild will serve as the driving force for the Junior Company. It will also organize community events, help arrange school activities, and provide members with special benefits. For more information. contact Ballet Arts Center.


Stage Manager - Curtis Gathe
Lighting Design - John Webb
Electrician - John Webb
Special Make-Up - Mary Pyanowski
Costumes - Wendy Adams, and many, many parents.

Special thanks to the parents and friends of the Ballet Arts Center who donated so much of their time toward making this production possible.

This performance is being video-recorded in full color by Jeffrey Wilcox Enterprises, and will be available for purchase in VHS or Betamax format. Please contact the Ballet Arts Center for information.

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