Long Beach Ballet Arts Center's 5th Annual School Performance

Saturday, June 29th, 1985

Lakewood High School Auditorium

Cinderella is dedicated to the memory of my father, C.Robert Wilcox, in love and appreciation of his support and encouragement.

--David Wilcox


Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella. Cinderella was usually very happy, even though her step-mother and two step-sisters treated her very poorly. They made her do all of the work in the house while they did nothin9. But today, Cinderella had something to be sad about. Everyone in the village had been invited to a big ball that was being given by the handsome Prince. All of the ladies were particularly excited because it had been announced that the Prince was looking for a bride. Yes, everyone was happy today except Cinderella, because her step-mother and step-sisters had given her so much work to do that she would never be able to finish in time to go to the ball. Anyway, what would she wear? All she owned was an old dress that was frayed and worn. Cinderella's step-sisters prepared themselves for the ball by taking a private dance class from the village ballet-master. Cinderella watched as they tried to imitate the graceful movements of their tutor. After the dance class was over, a haggard old woman came to the door of their home begging for a morsel of food. The step-sisters were very rude to her and told her to leave. But as soon as they were not looking, Cinderella offered the poor woman something to eat and drink. After all, Cinderella had a kind heart and always wanted to help others. Suddenly, the bent-over old lady transformed herself into a beautiful fairy. She was Cinderella's fairy godmother who had come to reward Cinderella for her kind heart by granting her a wish. Cinderella's greatest wish was to go to the ball and meet the Prince. So her fairy godmother transformed her dress into a beautiful gown and carried her magically into the garden and through time, displaying all of the four seasons along the way. Cinderella's fairy godmother warned her that this magic spell would last only until midnight, at which time her gown would again become old and tattered. A pumpkin-coach then appeared to carry her to the prince's palace, and off went Cinderella, being pulled by the garden mice and looking very, very beautiful.

At the ball, all of the ladies were trying desperately to get the Prince's attention. The Prince, who was looking for someone who might one day be his bride, was about to give up his search when all of a sudden the girl of his dreams came into the room. It was Cinderella, who was so brilliant and dazzling that even her own stepmother and step-sisters didn't recognize her. The Prince fell instantly in love with her and they danced throughout the night. Suddenly and unexpectedly it was midnight. Oh, how could the time have passed so swiftly! An eerie stillness fell over the palace and time stood still as mice came to remind Cinderella that she must leave. Knowing that she might never see her beloved Prince again, she fled in tears from the palace. The Prince, noticing that Cinderella had disappeared, tried to go after her. Then he noticed that she had dropped one of her shoes--a tiny glass slipper. He vowed to find his true love if it took him the rest of his life.
The next day the villagers danced merrily in the square, remembering the festivities from the night before. Again, everyone was happy except poor Cinderella. Would she ever see her Prince again? Who could tell. But just as she was thinking this, the Prince himself appeared in the square. He had come in search of the owner of the tiny glass slipper. Each of the girls of the village was to try on the slipper, and she whom the slipper fit would become the Prince's bride. Poor Cinderella tried to get the Prince's attention but her step
sisters jealously pushed her away. tried to cram their big foot into the tiny slipper. Cinderella could wait no longer. She pulled the matching slipper from her pocket and presented it shyly to the Prince. At last he had found her! Lovingly taking Cinderella in his arms, he proclaimed his everlasting love. It was time to 'go to the palace, but Cinderella asked the Prince to wait. She had one more thing to do before she could depart. let
,her step-mother and step-sisters know that, even though they had treated very poorly, she still loved them and would not forget them. Cinderella and her Prince lived happily ever after.


Music: J. Strauss, Stravinsky, Adam, Tchaikovsky

Choreography:  David Wilcox

Julie Parish 

Andy Kwan 

Elaine Mulhearn 

Theresa Arteaga, McKenzie Dimon

Fairy Godmother
Mary Ann Garcia

Ballet Master
Joseph Oliveras

Jeff Bostrom, Amy Crawford, Deena Dorion, Shawna Elder, Julie Geringer, Shannon Grandt, Holly Gunn, Kristen Hopkins, Amber Maahs, Kim Matsler, Jenny Matsler, Wendy Naugler, Heather Oviatt, Tait Pottebaum, Tiffany Richardson, Risha Richardson, Alisha Scott, Amy Smart, Sarla Sohl, Marina Soto, Renae Waestman, Mandy Werner

lna Howard, Jessica Kaplan, Jennifer McCabe, Desiree Naquin, Lourdes Romero, Amy Stevens, Leah Watson, Megan Watson

Saleyna Blalock, Clara D'Autilia, Melinda Felix, Sarah Holcomb, Saahir Jabri, Mira Jamadi, Alicja Jasinski, Heather Johnson, Kathy Larsen, Joi Lin, Danielle Locks, Kari Madsen, Alexa Manzano, Jill Marshall, Alicia McKenzie, Kenya Parker, Michelle Piani, Katrina Reynolds, Misty Sawatsky, Alyson Tanaka, Alayna Tweed, Amy Tyo, Rachael Weight, Aimie Wilkison

Shani Cartwright, Devon Crow, Heather Gunn, Erika Kinetz, Tiffany Penniman, Brenda Potts, Dawn Simmons, Desiree Stockstill

Christine Foster, Natasha Liddie, Theresa Naquin, Jennifer Persson, Shannon Russell, Michael Shapiro, Kathleen Shivers

Kristi Alves, Heidi Brockmeyer, Veronica Caudillo, Kendra Cribbs, Allison McComb, Jennifer Parish, Gera Smith, Lynn \'Ialker

Laura Bostrom, Kara Kruger, Lisa Street

Kristi Alves, Shani Cartwright, Kendra Cribbs, Devon Crow, Heather Gunn, Erika Kinetz, Allison McComb, Jennifer Parish, Tiffany Penniman, Brenda Potts, Dawn Simmons, Gera Smith, Desiree Stockstill, Lynn Walker

Ina Howard, Jessica Kaplan, Natasha Liddie, Jennifer McCabe, Theresa Naquin, Desiree Naquin, Jennifer Persson, Lourdes Romero, Shannon Russell, Michael Shapiro, Kathleen Shivers, Amy Stevens, Leah Watson, Megan Watson

Laura Bostrom, Heidi Brockmeyer, Veronica Caudillo, Kara Kruger, Lisa Street

Heidi Brockmeyer, Veronica Caudillo

*"Fall" choreographed by Linda Gonzales
"Mice Dance" choreographed by Julie Parish and Heidi Brockmeyer


Hooked on Classics

Cristi Alves, Laura Bostrom, Jeff Bostrom, Shani Cartwright,
Veronica Caudillo, Kendra Cribbs, Heather Gunn, Kara Kruger, Allison McComb, Jennifer Parish, Gera Smith, Lisa Street, Lynn Walker

Excerpt from “Sweet Dreams”

Theresa Arteaga
Klistinia Rogahn
Denise Du'Maine Parham

City Streets

Brenda Potts
Ina Howard, Lourdes Romero
Jessica Kaplan, Risha Richardson
Jennifer Parish
Elaine Mulhearn, Lynn Walker
Leah Watson, Megan Watson
Jeff Bostrom, Shani Cartwright
Clara D'Autilia, Kathy Larsen
Desiree Stockstill
Erika Kinetz
Heidi Brockmeyer
Veronica Caudillo
BREAKER Kristi Alves

Suite One

Theresa Arteaga, Laura Bostrom, McKenzie Dimon, Kara Kruger, Julie Parish, Lisa Street

BALLET ARTS CENTER’S FIFTH ANNUAL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE is the culmination of a year of hard work and dedication on the part of the all of our students. Special thanks to the many parents who have made a commitment to offer their children something of lasting value. Thanks also to all those who have helped to make this performance possible:

Costume Design/Construction
Donna Dickens

Poster Design
Linda Gunn

Scenery Painting
Tami Hirabayashi, Jeff Nemhauser

Mrs. Romero, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Larsen

Stage Manager
Curtis Gathe

Master Electrician
Chris Gathe

Dave Ryan

Asst. Electricians
Ron Warren, Chris Tippie

Front Light
Eric Kuder, Victoria Gathe

Long Beach Ballet
1122 E. Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 426-4112   fax (562) 426-4821