Beauty and the Beast

18th Annual School Performance

June 6, 1998  2:00pm   7:00pm

Lakewood H.S. Auditorium

Conception and Original Choreography
David Wilcox

Additional Choregraphy
Hilde Byrne, Shani Englert

Original Costume Design
Ann de Farra

Lighting Design
Curtis Gathe

Technical Director
Malcolm Clark

Long Beach Ballet Theatre
Shani Englert, Director


A Word from the Artistic Director . . .

In some ways it seems like yesterday. We had stayed up until two o'clock in the morning hanging pictures and preparing for the big day -- the official opening of Ballet Arts Center. It was Saturday, January 3rd, 1981, and we wore our hopes and dreams as proudly as our weary bones would allow. Two and a half weeks of back-breaking labor to refurbish the school were about to be rewarded with years of rewarding encounters with special people and scores of changed lives -impressionable youths touched by the magic and the exceptional beauty of classical ballet training.

Well, as it turned out, the back-breaking labor never ended. But that's okay, because, as I readily explain to the students as they're undertaking some unthinkably arduous exercise, nothing worthwhile in life is easy. (And we continue to prove that endlessly!) But thanks to the love and passions of so many who believe in our mission to share the valuable benefits of quality ballet training with as many children as possible, Long Beach Ballet Arts Center has become widely recognized and a highly respected school in Southern California.

Now the performance -- our 18th annual, which has been assembled with meticulous care to provide our students with exposure to the many facets of a classical ballet production. It's all tied up into a story ballet using great music, beautiful scenery and costumes, "big-time" stage techniques and special effects, and an entirely professional atmosphere. More than a mere recital, it is my wish that LBBAC's annual performance serve as a complete ballet experience for our students as well as the audience. Thank you for attending, and thank you for allowing us the honor of sharing our art with you and yours.

--David Wilcox

Complete Performance Program--

"La Giralda"
Long Beach Ballet Theatre

Variation from "Paquita"
Esther Choi - 2:00pm  --  Kate Landon - 7:00pm

Variation from "Swan Lake"
Jacqueline Gordon - 2:00pm  -  Amanda Ray - 7:00pm

Variation from "Flower Festival"
Brianna Gonzales - 2:00pm   -   Annie Lee & Lela Anderson - 7:00pm

"Holberg Suite"
Choreography by David Allan 
Long Beach Ballet Theatre

Variation from "Sleeping Beauty"
Shannon Humphries - 2:00pm  -  Allison Dillon - 7:00pm

Variation from "Sleeping Beauty"
Kristen Ottestad - 2:00pm   -  Anne Thatcher-Stephens - 7:00pm

Variation from "Giselle"
Holly Zimmerman - 2:pm

Variation from "Sleeping Beauty"
Jessica Freitas - 7:00pm

Variation from "Swan Lake"
Daphne Zneimer - 2:00pm  -  Lisa Ziller - 7:pm

"Storms in Africa"
Long Beach Ballet Theatre


Beauty and the Beast

Music _ Delibes, Tchaikovsky, Menken

(In Order of Appearance)

Jessica Freitas

Alliese Bennet, Blair Bennoit, Talissa Carrasco, Michele Celis, Angelica Curtis, Helia Daigeau, Ellie Enrique7 Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Mary Ford, Almalita Gomez, Jacqueline Herrera Mary Kelayejian, Melody Kleiman, Cassidy Kuhl, Maria Grace Larrea, Megan Lobato, Ariana Men_oza, :\lyse Mongalo, Elizabeth Perez, Keighly Ruiz, Christina Sanz, Shannon SmIth, Lmette Sowa, Tamara Sowa, Sara Tarab

Brain Curry

George Hernandez

Gastonís Admirers
Lela Anderson, Esther Choi, Allison Dillon, Brianna Gonzales, Shannon Humphries Kate Landon, Ann Lee, Kristin Ottestad, Anne Thatcher-Stephens, Lisa Ziller, Daphne Zneimer

Kathleen AImed, Genna Attwood, Julie Bunting, Katherine Clark, Abigail Coloma, Genie Francisco, Christina Jones, Monica Klimczak, Torri Kreinheder, Tiffany Kuehl Sofia Luarca, Megan Murray, Dale Padelford, Elena Schleich, Vera Schwegler

Adria Aulestia, Roseann Baker, Lia Ballard, Nicole Beeks, Emily Bozentka, Stephanie Broad, Claire Carlstroem, Elizabeth Caswell, Alexandra Fernandez, Alexandria Filer, Sarah Fiske Lexy Gliddon, Amber Hamilton, Shannan _ing, Natalia Sandoval, Marina Shiferman

Joseph Bohannon

Megan Anctil, Ashley Bauer, Gilary Carrasco, Miranda Castillo, Tiffany Chow, Ellen Dickinson, Shari Einstein, Gabrielle Esser, Natalie Foster, Zoe Fujii, Emily Guthorn, Rebecca Herman, Brittany Hutton, Louisa Levy, Jessica Luarca , Kimberly Ann Maniego, Heather McCort, Ja'Toi, Moore, Julia Morlock, Hannah Nelson, Rachel Pass, Michaela Payne, Jessic::a Petit, Vanessa Plata Millie Seibold, Portia Simms, Katie Simpson, Sarah Sonntag, Rachel Ure, Beatriz Uyan

Micheal Anctil, Myia Andrews, Mea Ayache, Kloe Chanel Bautista, Sultan Bishop, Rachel Cloke, Jillian Cordova, Breanna DeVaughn, Beverly Dela Rosa, Jasmine Dockstader, Knstel Estoque, Julie-A:nne GalJelich, Mia_raham, Darby Halper, Brittany Hudley, Beth Kreinheder, Chelsea Kuehl, Savannah McLean, Liel Moktader, Elizabeth Morlock, Kailyn Obenauer, Danielle Pingol; Sarah Emma Ruddock, Julian Sanz, Cassie Stegall, Shelby Stegall, Stacy Thompson, Julia Tipton, Stasia Wlderynski, Bria Williams, Sarah Williams, Delaney Zieg

Lela Anderson, Esther Choi, Allison Dillon, Brianna Gonzales, Shannon Humphries, Kate Landon, Ann Lee, Kristm Ottestad, Anne Thatcher-Stephens, Lisa Ziller, Daphne Znelmer

Chris Molloy

Della Aceves, Kristine Antonil, Allison Arcos, Madeline Barger, Ashley Bobo, Ahnika Boone, Veronica Browder, Lauten Brown, Sierra Caley, Carolyn Collins, Alexis Crook, Jennifer Dela Rosa Michelle Gail Einstein, Ligaya Estoque, Anastasia Florin, Camille Garcia Samantha Garcia, Emily Alice Gerhart, Michelle Gregory, Kaija Herman, Dunya Karam Claire Liivoja, Stephanie Lofton, Kathryn M. Lung, Hannah Mendoza, Cindy Pingol Samantha Rees, Megan Rexroad, Patricia Rodriguez, Nancy Rubio, Arianne Salgado, Julia Sandoval, Annelise Shafer, Taylor Snell, Chloe Sohl, Stefanie Sowa, Gracie Sprout Forrest Stoodly, Joseph Szekula, Gabrielle Valdes, Monica Volodarsky, Olivia Zippert

Victoria Baker, Margaret Bell, Krysia Biggs, Amber Byrne, Chantel Byrne, Lauren Caley, La Nita Campbell, Leslie Ann Corpus, Mithi Del Rosario, Tara Noelle Fletcher, Faye Litzinger, Lana Luyben, Jessica McKnight, Natasha Olson, Heather Price) Heather Robertson, Ferrin Ruiz Leila Saffar, Da-Hee Shim, Elizabeth Spates, Shern Stephens, Krista Swanson, Isackson, Alexandra Tarantino, Cassie Van Bunnen, Brooke Walter
Adria Aulestia, Roseann Baker, Ua Ballard, Nicole Beeks, Emily Bozentka, Stephanie Broad, Claire Carlstroem, Elizabeth Caswell, Alexandra Fernandez, Alexandria Filer7 Sarah Fiske, Lexy Glidden, Amber Hamilton, Shannan King, Natalia Sandoval, Marina Shiferman

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