Ballet Arts Center

3rd Annual School Performance

Saturday, June 25, 1983 - 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, June 26, 1983 - 2:30 p.m.

Beauty and the Beast

Music - Rimsky-Korsakoff, Stravinsky, Tchaikowsky, Ravel, J. Strauss
Choreography - David Wilcox
Swordplay - Alexander Dilts
Set Design - Bret Bourman
Costume Design - Reva Pacheco

Once upon a time there was a wealthy merchant with four beautiful daughters. Three of the daughters were very spoiled and arrogant and nagged the merchant constantly to buy them new clothes and more expensive jewelry. Beauty, his fourth daughter, was too humble and kind to be interested in such material things, and the merchant dearly loved Beauty's gentleness and good nature.

One evening the merchant offers to take his daughters to a big ball. Beauty's sisters fight bitterly over who should wear the nicest dress and fanciest necklace, but all bickering stops when they arrive at the ball and dance merrily with their friends and other guests. After bidding farewell to their friends, the merchant and his daughters begin their homeward journey through the nighttime darkness. A thunderous storm soon develops, forcing them to take shelter.

At dawn's light, they discover that they have taken refuge in the rose garden of a large castle, and they watch in wonder as magical rose maidens dance amongst the flowers. Beauty's sisters convince their father to pick some of the beautiful blooms, but after just one stem has been severed a horrible beast appears and threatens to kill the person who has dared to steal one of his precious roses. Beauty takes the blame but the Beast is so taken by her loveliness that he decides to keep her with him. The father's protests cause the Beast to lose his temper and a vicious duel follows, driving Beauty's father and sisters from the garden.

Alone with Beauty, the Beast tries in vain to win her affection - his gentle heart and good intentions finally becoming apparent as he risks his life to save her from a frightful forest-ogre that has entered the garden. Beauty now sees that despite the grotesque appearance of the Beast, there lies beneath a beautiful soul that means only well. Still, Beauty cannot find it in her heart to love such an unsightly creature, and she begs the Beast to let her go. Because of his love for her, he is powerless to stop her leaving, and she returns to her father, who has become very ill and heartsick from the loss of his daughter. A heartwarming reunion takes place between them and Beauty is overjoyed to be home again.

Suddenly a vision appears in the mirror. The Beast is lying in his garden dying from a broken heart. Beauty then realizes that she has grown to love him despite his ugliness and she decides to go to his side. Hurriedly bidding her father farewell, she rushes to the magical rose garden only to find the Beast's lifeless body on the ground beside his precious flowers. Beauty is in anguish over this terrible fate and lays a single gentle kiss on the sad, grotesque face of the Beast. Suddenly a magical transformation begins to take place, and Beauty watches in awe as the Beast's horrible visage is changed to that of a handsome prince. He tells her of an evil spell that was placed upon him by a wicked witch and that it was Beauty's love that saved him from an eternity of solitude. A joyous celebration is held as Beauty and her prince are wed and they live happily ever after.


Josette Huber

Aaron Hartnell

Bret Bourman

McKenzie Dimon, Patricia Morgan, Sabrina Thomas

Mary Archuleta, Fiona Roche

Craig Stoker

Suzi Armstrong, Heather Bandley, Laura Bostrom, Heidi Brockmeyer, SuZi Braget, Shani Cartwright, Kendra Cribbs, Shannon Finley, Maria Hill, Maisha James, Erika Kinetz, Allison McComb, Venisa McLean, Jennifer McPhaul, Xanath Owens, Jennifer Parish, Julie Parish, Maureen Robison, Cynthia Roche, Stephanie Roche, Gera Smith, Sharidan Sotelo, Monique Trombley

Tammy Asaki, Veronica Caudillo, Shannon Lawder, Klistinia Rogahn, Kari Smith, Lisa Street

Basket Dance
Dylan Cherin, Kelly DiProfio, Shelly Flores, Michelle Hamilton, Becky Harlow, Jennifer Johnson, Molly Johnson, Eric Legrand, Alexandra Luboviski, Heather McGhee, Ashley McLean, Theresa Naquin, Jennifer Perrson, Brenda Potts, Shannon Russell, Kathleen Shivers, Sheri II Stevens

Flower Dance
Mika Bissett, Maggie Buchanan, Shannon Grandt, Holly Gunn, Kristen Hopkins-Morse, Ina Howard, Heather Israel, Cindy Laesman, Amber Maahs, Risha Richardson, Tiffany Richardson, Caprice Sotelo, Kimberly Stamper, Amy Stevens


Choreography - Terri Lewis
Music - Krommer

Heidi Brockmeyer
Suzi Braget, Shani Cartwright, Erika Kinetz
Kendra Kribbs, Allison McComb, Stephanie Roche
Gera Smith, Monique Trombley

Choreography - Terri Lewis
Music - Gliere

Tammy Asaki, Shannon Lawder, Klistinia Rogahn
Bret Bourman

Choreography - Terri Lewis
Music - Traditional

(Cast in order of appearance)
Piano Player - Heather Bandley
Miss Kitty - Veronica Caudillo
Little Nell - Patricia Morgan
Tom Goodheart - Marty Barnaby
Dastardly Dick  - Aaron Hartnell
Emma, Nell's Friend  - McKenzie Dimon

Ballet Arts Center of Southern California

Ballet Arts Center of Southern California came into existence in January, 1981, when Linda Gonzales and David Wilcox, both professional dancers from the Berlin Ballet of West Germany, decided that teaching others their art was what they wanted most. Along with Lynn Chenen, their partner and administrator, they took over the Audrey Share School of Dance in Long Beach - already a long established and highly regarded school - and set about to continue and build upon the high standard of teaching already laid down by their predecessors.
The school offers many facilities for serious students. A video tape library which includes over 140 hours of historical and current ballets from around the world keeps students occupied between classes. Many famous dancers have come to teach master classes at the school, including Yoko Ichino, Alexander Minz, Hilda Morales, and others. There are bus trips to see major ballet companies, studio performances which give the students a chance to create and rehearse their own works, a special intensive summer program each year with well-known teachers from across the country, plus opportunities for the students to work with the professional dancers of the Long Beach Ballet.

The Long Beach Ballet

One short year ago members of The Long Beach Ballet were featured as guest artists in the Ballet Arts Center production of Hansel and Gretel. Since that time the Company has grown beyond anyone's wildest dreams.
In 1982-83, The Long Beach Ballet presented a repertory evening which featured guests artists from American Ballet Theatre in Act III from Sleeping Beauty, and a sparkling full-length production of Coppelia, with fantastic sets and exciting dancing. A lecture-demonstration for the schools which featured children from BAC. was choreographed and was selected from five other applicants to represent ballet for The Performing Tree, a booking agency for schools covering the entire Los Angeles County area. The LBB was invited to perform at the Hyatt Regency Hotel's opening gala, which was a benefit for the four major arts organizations in Long Beach. The Company received grants from Mobil Oil and McDonnell Douglas, plus memberships from over 150 arts lovers.
All of this could never have been accomplished without the countless hours of volunteer time: volunteers designed and sewed costumes, built and painted massive sets, approached business people for help, sought out active board members, sold tickets and refreshments, ushered. Many of these volunteers were parents of Ballet Arts Center students, and we'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them for their dedication and time.

Our next season is so exciting as not to be believed. LBB will be presenting a series of three productions: a full-length La Fille Mal Gardee, a repertory evening which will include The Firebird, and a complete Nutcracker, which will be at the Terrace Theatre with full orchestra.
Needless to say, .we will need even more help this next year: more costumes and sets, more tickets to be sold, and, of course, there will be auditions for children who will appear in Nutcracker. We need office help, a bookkeeper, volunteers to sell ads, to be backstage with children, and to help with our silent auction, which will be a glamorous fund raising event.
The Long Beach Ballet is a company worthy of your time; a com pany worthy of you r membership. It is on its way to becoming a first-class ballet company, right here in Long Beach. Get in on the ground floor and become a member, join the Guild, help us to grow.


Art Chenen, Chairman
Mary Noble, Secretary
Ted Rogahn, Financial Officer
Cheryl Avirom, Lynn Chenen, Paul F. Cole, Darlene Gilbert, Phillip Greer, Arlene Biden Greer, John Krafft,Terri Lewis Arlene Solomon, Marshall Toplansky, Diana Trombley Judy Vallens, Mark Wilder

Production Staff

Stage Manager and Lighting Design, Curtis Gathe
Electrician, Scott Fremgen
Publicity and Ad Coordination, Diane Trombley
Poster Design, Linda Gunn
Production Stage Crew, Brian Hugo, Robert Pellerin, Greg Sumner, Ron Warren, James Williamson
Scenery Construction, Mary Archuleta, Bret Bourman, Cheryl Cartwright, Linda Gunn, Klistinia Rogahn
Costume Construction, Many dedicated parents
Program Design, Jim Richards
Beast's Make-up, Bret Bourman
Repititeur, Linda Gonzales
Guild President, Wanda Rogahn
Ushers, Booth Attendants, Etc. Parents, brothers and sisters of students 

Entire production under direction of David Wilcox

Proceeds from this production go towards a special fund set up for the students of Ballet Arts Center - Scholarships, Activities and the purchase of special facilities. Special thanks to the parents who brought their children to the many rehearsals.

Long Beach Ballet
1122 E. Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 426-4112   fax (562) 426-4821