Complete performance program:

15th Annual School Performance

Lakewood High School Auditorium

June 3 & 4, 1995

Conceived and Directed by 
David Wilcox

Additional Choreography
Hilde Byrne, Lisa Marie Goodwin, Tatiana Kasatsky, Deborah Sundes

Ann de Farra

Lighting Design
Monique L’Heureux

Technical Direction
Malcolm Clark

Once there was a beautiful princess named Jasmine, the only daughter of a wealthy Sultan. Even though her every wish was fulfilled, loneliness of a royal life had grown intolerable and she longed for a normal life. The Sultan's vizier, a sinister and repulsive man named Jafar, has his own plans for Jasmine. He schemes to use evil powers to win her hand in marriage.

Tracy Wyant

Jasmine's Maid Servants
Melissa Watson, Ashley Yano

Eg Mahan

Jasmine's Father
Richard Ascarate

In the busy market place, vendors sell their wares fo the townsfolk and go about their daily lives. A young, handsome boy named Aladdin is a regular visitor of the market place, but not to buy, for Aladdin is poor. He and his sidekick Abu use trickery in place of money to obtain their meals.

Lisa Addy, Lela Anderson, Brandy Browder, Katie Davis, Chantal Jura, Kate Landon, Solange Lefbad, Kristine Luna, Catherine Soeung, Krista Swanson Isackson, Emily Zamorano, Lisa Ziller (Level 4)

Sergei Domrachev

Nicholas Pappone

Abu's Friends
Victoria Baker, Ashley Banks, Margaret Bell, Julie Bunting, Ashton Edwards, Alexandria Filer, Sarah Fiske, Brittanie Ladell, Kate Levinstein, Catia Logan, Jessica McKnight, Lindsey Mercado, Ana Lucia Montoya, Chloe Regala, Joceline Regala, Rebecca Rodriguez, Ferrin Ruiz, Bianca Sandoval, Alexandra Tarantino (Level lA)

Head Sentry
Tim Harenburg

Josie Bartoletti, Jackie Gordon, Allison Kisiday, Lissy Lex, Amanda Ray, Alison Sands, Lindsay Slay, Julie Swanson, Holly Zimmerman (Level 6)

After narrowly escaping the wrath of the Sultan's sentries, Aladdin and Abu prepare to feast on their meager morsels of bread. Two orphans appear and seem more in need of food than he, so Aladdin gives up his meal and convinces Abu to do the same.

Alone with her only real friend, a pet Camel, Jasmine whiles away the hours dreaming of life outside the palace walls. Jafar steals into her room and attempts to put Jasmine into a trance, but his plan is thwarted by the camel. Jasmine has had enough, and runs away from the palace to seek life as a normal girl.

Trisha Graham, Maggie McGurn

At the market place, Jasmine is transfixed by the activity and dancing. Longing to be accepted, she dons the simple clothing of the street people and joins them in their dances. Aladdin watches the new girl with keen curiosity. His attempts to conceal his interest are in vain, as Jasmine's beauty is overpowering. He offers her a stolen apple as a token of his love and inadvertently brings the wrath of the sentries upon her. In order to save herself, she is forced to reveal herself to the sentries as the princess. Aladdin, confused by this revelation, realizes that he has no chance of winning Jasmine's heart, for she is a wealthy princess and he is but a poor beggar. He throws himself at the sentries in dispair and is carried off to jail.

Roving Dancers
Nicole Abrahams, Breanna Browder, Nina Diaz, Michelle Gehrke, Ashley Graham, Timothy Harenburg, Kristine Lee, Sara Marshall, Kristin Ottestad, Makeda Robinson, Kristin Viis, Daphne Zneimer (Level 5)

Alone in jail, Aladdin discovers a magical lamp that is possessed by a powerful Genie. The Genie grants him three wishes. His first is for Jasmine to fall in love with him. The Genie explains to Aladdin that it is not within his power to change the course of love, so Aladdin asks to be turned into a wealthy prince. Perhaps then he can win the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

David Markham

Teeny Genies
Kathleen Ahmed, Roseann Baker, Nicole Beeks, Emily Bozentka, Christine Chang, Rebecca Chenoweth, Abigail Coloma, Ashley Cook, Lauren Dameron, Aracely Ellis, Tara Noelle Fletcher, Melissa Freeny, Trisha Graham, Anya Johnson, Christina Jones, Monica Klimczak, Brittania Nelson, Nicholas Pappone, Yvonne Pina, Rachel Raiford, Raquel M. Ramirez, Ricki N. Ramirez, Sudan Rojas, Rhianna Rubio, Natalia Sandoval, Samantha Schoustra, Ryan Scott, Laurel Van Valkenburg, Saundra Williams (Level IB)

Magic Carpets
Fiona Austin, Jessica Benitez, Alliese Bennett, Carli Bonillo, Carly Burkland, Lauren Burns, April Cook, Shari Einstein, Seinne Fleming, Lauren Gossland, Jessyka Hockless, Amanda Hurley, Melody Kleiman, Michelle Lalev, Cai LeVeaux, Stephanie Lofton, Jessica Luarca, Alyssa Jane Luna, Asia Morris, Alexa Oknayan, Jade Pasi, Glenna Peterson, Katharine Reynolds, Marianna Saade, Clara Rose Swanson, Sara Valencia, Ashley Vargas, Arianna Vega, Ebony Watson, Brittany Whetsell, Jasmin Janay White, Ebony Williams (Pre-Ballet)

Leading a procession of elephants and tigers into the palace, Aladdin tries to impress Jasmine with his wealth. Aladdin fails to realize that is actually his unadorned self that Jasmine is attracted to. Unfortunately, Jasmine does not recognize Aladdin as he offers her a large chest of exquisite jewels and she spurns his approaches.

Raianna Barrows, Deborah Castro, Sara Colon, Leslie Ann Corpus, Kayla Crommett, Allison Dillon, April Joy Dornidon, Crystal Fischer, Kelly Iwasko, Mallory Kremer, Cecilia Lacerda, Anna Valdez, Natalie Valencia (Level 3)

Anitra Babic, Lia Ballard, Ashley Bauer, Natalie Bonstein, Skye Bronfenbrenner, Andrea Carranza, Miranda Castilllo, Erika Chavez, Tiffany Chow, Katherine Clark, Jessica Codispoti, Jessica Contreras, Lauren Cook, Ellen Dickinson, Sarah Dooley, Anyon Ellis, Gabrielle Esser, Rachel Fiske, Lauren Flores, Genie Francisco, Zoe Fujii, Kelsey Ann Hines, Breezie Houston, Sydney Jaimes, Annika Johnson, Lynsey Carol Johnson, Jacqueline Jordan, Torri Kreinheder, Mele LeVeaux, Sofia Luarca, Mirissa Martinez, Dianne Mason, Eydie McConnell, Heather McCort, Maggie McGurn, Aja Janae Melton, Jowena Miguel, Jessica Nam, Lalani Nelson, Vanessa Nunez, Virginia Pinckert, Angela Rodriguez, Adriana Lynn Romesburg, Jennifer Sloan, Jennifer Soeung, Lesette Tunnell, Karina Villicana (Primary)

Sally Aboul, Hosn,Regina Anderson, Amber Byrne, Chantel Byrne, Lauren Caley, Claire Carlstroem, Jennifer Cox, Sheri Delmage, Ashley Fleury, Elizabeth Giraldo, Melissa Jackson, Sharai Layson, Denisse Michel, Irina Oberman, Krysta Olson, Heather Price, Mireya Saavedra, Amanda Smith, Emily Smith, Elizabeth Spates, Stephanie Valencia, Cassie Van Bunnen, Kelly Williams (Level 2)

Jafar watches Aladdin's advances jealously and is about to cast some terrible magic on him when the Genie is summoned for the second time. The Genie saves Aladdin, but not before Jafar gets a good look at the wondrous lamp.

Aladdin's Escorts
Josie Bartoletti, Jackie Gordon, Allison Kisiday, Lissy Lex, Amanda Ray, Alison Sands, Lindsay Slay, Julie Swanson, Holly Zimmerman (Level 6)

Outside on her terrace, Jasmine's maid servants dance for her to lighten her spirits. Suddenly, looking out to the other side of the palace grounds, Jasmine sees Aladdin. Without his princely turban, she recognizes him as the poor beggar boy who she fell in love with at the market place. Jasmine's father gives his permission for them to marry and welcomes Aladdin to the royal family. The story seems to be about to come to a happy ending, but Jafar suddenly interrupts the blissful moment by stealing the lamp. He commands the Genie to turn him into a great wizard, but Jafar becomes so blinded by his own power that he is easily tricked into an end of his own making. Aladdin and Jasmine wed and live happily ever after. 

Repertoire and Jazz

Saturday, June 3rd:

Choreography - D. Sundes
Music - Yello

Ashley Graham, Lissy Lex, Amanda Ray, Holly Zimmerman, Stevie Zimmerman (Advanced Jazz)

Choreography - D. Sundes 
Music - Joe Jackson's rendition of "TJ" 

Amanda Morris, Lucy Sanders (Jazz 3)

Choreography - D. Sundes 
Music - Cece Penniston 

Ashley Banks, Andrea Carranza, Christina Dameron, Lauren Dameron, Jennifer Desatoff, Ashton Edwards, Trisha Graham, Charity Jackson, Torri Kreinheder, Jessica Luarca, Sofia Luarca, Eydie McConnell, Jennifer Mitchell, Hillary Morimoto, Tori Payne, Rachel Raiford (Jazz 1)

Choreography - D. Sundes 
Music - Art of Noise

Larissa Anderson, Raianna Barrows, Sylvia Brindis, Breanna Browder, Leslie-Ann Corpuz, Lori Chattelle, Lucy Sanders (Jazz 2) Brandy Browder, Allison Dillon, Makeda Robinson, Holly Zimmerman (Jazz 3)

Choreography - D. Sundes 
Music - Madonna 

Danielle Blanc, Laura Calvert, Jennifer Chon, Aimee Delmage, Amy Garcia, Jillian Koehring, Amanda Morris, Lucy Sanders, Stephanie Valencia, Rachel Wheelwright (Jazz 2)

Orig. Chor. - Gene Kelly 
Music - "Singin' in the Rain"

Lissy Lex, Amanda Ray, Makeda Robinson (Advanced Tap)

Choreography - L. Goodwin 
Music - Chopin 

Ashley Yano, Melissa Watson

Choreography - Helen Coope 
Music - IntiIlimani 

Coaching - L. Goodwin 
Josie Bartoletti, Ashley Graham, Kristine Lee, Kristin Ottestad, Amanda Ray, Julie Swanson, Holly Zimmerman

Sunday, June 4th

Choreography - D. Sundes
Music - Yello

Ashley Graham, Lissy Lex, Amanda Ray, Holly Zimmerman, Stevie Zimmerman (Advanced Jazz)

Choreography - D. Sundes
Music - Alley Cat

Nicole Beeks, Leslie Brown, Clara Dysktra, Henry Dykstra, Christina Gomez, Lynetta McConnell, Ryan Scott (Tap / & 2)

Orig. Chor. - G. Kelly
Music - "Singin' in the Rain" 
Lissy Lex, Amanda Ray, Makeda Robinson (Advanced Tap)

Choreography - D. Sundes 
Music - Ace Bace 
Taylor Adams, Elizabeth Bolton, Karrie Harlow, Chrissy McCallister, Lindsay Nomura (Jazz / & 2)

Choreography - S. McPherson. D. Sundes 
Voice Coaching - Sarah Watson 
Music - "Crazy for You"
Lissy Lex, Amanda Morris, Amanda Ray, Lucy Sanders (Tap) Brandy Browder, Breanna Browder, Krysta Olson, Aman Smith, Emily Smith, Stevie Zimmerman (Musical Theater)

Choreography - L. Goodwin 
Music – Chopin
Ashley Yano, Melissa Watson

Choreography - Helen Coope 
Music – Inti Illimani 
Coaching - L. Goodwin 
Josie Bartoletti, Ashley Graham, Kristine Lee, Kristin Ottestad, Amanda Ray, Julie Swanson, Holly Zimmerman

Long Beach Ballet
1122 E. Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 426-4112   fax (562) 426-4821